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I first ran and served for local office on the Zoning Board and Planning Board, because I wanted to have a voice in the future of my community.  

​While campaigning around my home town, I heard the same thing over and over again – “Nobody Listens.”  Too many of us feel this way, that nobody listens to us here locally, which is why I ran for Senate and how I work ever day to change Concord.  

Ruth's Priorities

As your state senator, I've opposed new taxes and fees and have worked to make New Hampshire more affordable for students, families, and seniors. I've worked to lessen the burden on our municipalities and lower property taxes for all. If re-elected, you can be sure I'll continue this effort and I'll always oppose a sales and income tax.

A more affordable New Hampshire.

More good paying jobs. 

Rural New Hampshire needs more good paying jobs. As your senator, I've been working to attract businesses to our state - particularly to our rural communities. I've supported lowering taxes that will attract new businesses and I have worked to make New Hampshire a "Right to Work" state. If re-elected, I'll continue to work to bring more high-paying jobs and opportunities for our friends and neighbors. 
New Hampshire is consistently rated one of the best education systems in the country, and I want to keep it that way.  That is why I oppose Common Core.  I believe parents, teachers, and local school boards make better decisions about how to teach our children than Federal Bureaucrats.  That’s why I also support Charter Schools and Home Schooling. 

For more information on my support for School Choice, check out my piece in the Concord Monitor:​

Improving education through innovation.

Protecting Second Amendment Rights.

I am a gun owner, and an NRA member.  I believe our 2nd Amendment rights are fundamental and will fight any efforts to limit our right to bear arms.
I am proud to support our local gun manufacturers like Ruger, based in Newport, who provide good paying jobs to so many in our community.
​Preserving the natural beauty of our state is critically important both for the quality of life we enjoy here, but also for our state’s economy.  Tourism and recreation are one of the largest economic industries in our state.  I opposed the Northern Pass and Kinder Morgan pipeline projects because they are irresponsible and would have a huge negative impact on our region of the state. ​

Keeping New Hampshire beautiful.

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